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Soul to Unite
Roots Go Deep 7 July 2009
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I like to push boundaries, try the limits. Radio Hour and our live performances have always been described as soulful and uplifting - the core of Soul to Unite. But there is so much more in me. Frequent listeners know that every now and then we go deep. Deep down to Africa. And we are greeted with much love and inspiration.

Radio Hour has reached so many people around the globe. We always thought we would love to be heard in Europe, USA… But as our Facebook group tells us, we are so happy to have listeners from South Africa! Something we never “planned” to happen. This mix is a special dedication to you guys and gals from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria!

Buying African related (deep) house has been my passion for a few years. A recent tweet from Carlos Mena I read the night before mixing this hit the spot like nothing before. He said: “Chicago started it, NY popularized it, but South Africa’s passion for house music is inspiring!”

In my mind I have the African culture which has influenced world of music so much. In my mind I have the people of Africa listening to some guys from a Nordic country called Estonia and enjoying what we have to offer. World truly is one and house is the language we speak.

I hope you all enjoy this mix of house and hang around for more. Becaus there really is more.. A lot more!

1. Pablo Fierro - Afronation / Nu Deep Music
1a. Big Bang Theory - God’s Child (acapella) / Defected
2. AM Roots feat. Fred Mthembu - He Africa / Nulu
3. Patrick Turner feat. Donna Hidalgo and Ron Williams - Fires of Kali / SOWAT Music
4. Boddhi Satva feat. Yuba - Ayele (Beatapella) / Vega Records
5. Martin Solveig - Heart Of Africa (SaxAppella) / Mixture
6. Nina Simone - See Line Woman (Casamena Basement mix) / Ocha Records
6a. Jason Jinx feat. Paul Alexander - Your First Time (Acapella) / Defected
7. Wil Milton - The Guardian (Funky Guardian) / Blak Ink
7a. DJD Feat. Anthony Joseph - Buddah (acapella) / Defected
7b. G Club presents Banda Sonora - Pressure Cooker (acapella) / Defected
8. Boddhi Satva ft. Fredy Massamba - Warriors Of Africa (Babyfunk) / Offering
9. Mzee feat. Candy Nurse - Mahuwelele (Mzee’s Tribal Mix) / Ocha Records
10. Madame X aka Anane - You’re So Sweet (Afro Latin mix) / Vega Records
10a. DJ Phenix - Splinter In Your Mind (acapella) / Defected
11. Boddhi Satva & Abel Tabu - Moina Ya Mokili (Abicah Soul Mix) / Atal
11a. Karizma feat. DJ Spen - 4 The Love (acapella) / Defected
12. Beppe Gioia of Garage Family - My World (The Jam Mix) / Unified

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 Tallinn, Estonia


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