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 Scarborough, United Kingdom

Member Since: 11 Jul 2012
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Recent mixes by Stuart Naylor
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30 Jul 2012
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28 Jul 2012
Dance year classics 2
28 Jul 2012
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20 Jul 2012
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15 Jun 2012

Stuart Naylor


House, funk, soul and disco, get down with Stuart Naylor, the dance year classics.
As the title suggests a great mix of some of my all time favourite music from the 70's right up to the present day.
About me, i'm a 40 year old guy originally from Bradford in west yorkshire. Spent most of my teenage years in the clubs listening to the birth of house music, saw the rave scene take off and die and turned into a serious clubber spending many a happy night at Back to basics, the awesome Vague at the warehouse in Leeds before finally hanging up my clubbing shoes. However, i still buy plenty of music but love the more slighty laid back feel of house music these days, must be getting old, lol!!
I am fairly new to the djing side of things, but I make no bones about things, my mixing isn't always perfect and I never go back to edit anything I do. Well I hope you enjoy my taste in music and would be happy to hear any comments you guys have out there!
Take care