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House of Memories – 1st Edition [Re-visit] 6 June 2019
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Introducing you to another classical journey of my mix-tapes - allow me to take you through the 1st Edition of my house of musical memories[re-visited].

Track list

1.Luomo - Tessio
2.Agoria feat. Scalde - Dust [Rocco Vision Mix]
3.Atjazz feat. Clyde - Please You
4.Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Speakeasy Remix)
5.Rocco & C. Robert Walker - I Love the Night
6.Ive Mendes - Natural High SUMO Rebounce Mix
7.Stephanie Mills - Free the Layabouts (Vocal-Mix)
8.H-Foundation - Tonight (King Britt's Sexy Mix)
9.Nikos feat K-Bana - Makin Me High (Rocco's Lyonaise Mix)
10.Ralf Gum feat. Monique Bingham - Kissing Strangers (Raw Artistic Soul Mix)
11.Jake Island feat. Ray Saint-Ville - Real Love (Rocco Dub Mix)
12.Rocco - Memories
13.The Realm Ft Tony Momrelle - Time (Layabouts Vocal Mix)
14.DJ Rocco - Something for The Floor (Dub Mix)

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 Johannesburg, South Africa