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 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Member Since: 22 Jan 2009
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DJ Offbeat


Evolving out of the deep house and nujazz scenes, DJ Offbeat fuses the current sound of West London and Germany with classic Brazilian and African rhythms. He spins an innovative, jazzy blend of brasilian, afro-latin jazz, soulful deep house and funky broken beats, presenting a modern reinterpretation of traditional ethnic grooves that is equally suitable for discerning dance floors as well as the most sophisticated lounge atmospheres.

Born in Detroit, DJ Offbeat was quickly transplanted to Sao Paolo where he developed a love for classic Brazilian rhythms and melodies. Returning to the US, he settled in Dallas, Texas and spent years running various record shops, radio shows, and club nights. A six month stay in Copenhagen sparked his interest in European jazz and a return to NYC revived his passion for soulful house music.

Combining his diverse musical tastes, DJ Offbeat is expanding the boundaries of music as you know it.

SOUL FUNKTION is a roaming party that has touched down in NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Austin, Memphis, Houston, and Ottawa.

SOUL FUNKTION Radio is a weekly podcast and that also airs live every Wednesday night on Pressure Radio UK, as well as in syndication on about 25 stations internationally each week. DJ Offbeat and guests take you on a deep journey, dishing out healthy servings of afrobeat, deep house, brokenbeat, global soul, jazz and more.