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Dj Mels
Dj Mels Soulful beats 1 January 2019
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Soulful sounds by Dj Mels
track list:

Too Far Away Vocal Mix
Dego The 2000 Black Family Don t Stop Let It Go
lilac jeans feat Kimet nuh - inside
Black Coffee - Wish You Were Here |
Enosoul & Mr Milk Dee - Crazy Chords
KING WAVE SOUL VARTI feat DVINE LOPEZ Salute Kay 9ine s 8th Street Mix
Real Kue Soul - Disappointments (Bulela K Remix)
SculpturedMusic feat Brian muzic - never be the same
Sir LSG feat. Clara Hill - Circles (Sir LSG Main Mix)

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 Johannesburg, South Africa


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