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 Chicago, IL, USA

Member Since: 09 Jan 2009
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15 Jul 2020
15 Jul 2020
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18 Oct 2016
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19 Oct 2015
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06 Aug 2015
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14 May 2015
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05 Jan 2015

David Sabat



Captured by the uplifting spirit of House Music as a teenager growing up on Chicago’s Southside, David Sabat's taste in music would forever be molded at live events that featured the pioneers and future legends of this new genre. As a result, David developed his DJ skills, expanded his music collection, and landed his first nightclub residency at the age of 19. He paid his way through college DJing at several nightclubs and college events exposing the Chicago House sound to his peers while focusing heavily on breaking new music.

In the early 1990s, Sabat coordinated large music video dance shows across the United States which consisted mostly of popular music. He eventually found his way back to the Chicago House Music scene and in 2003 launched ChicagoSoundSource and showcased some of the best DJ talents Chicago has to offer. He built shows, promotions, and bookings for this highly select group of all-star Chicago DJs/producers along with rising talent and fused them with incredible freestyle musicians. This unique blend of DJs and musicians were the building blocks of ChicagoSoundSource.

In 2004 Sabat co-founded the Chicago House Music Association (CHMA), a not-for-profit organization focused on unity within the Chicago House Music community. CHMA hosted an annual Chicago DJ Softball tournament featuring several legendary and internationally recognized Chicago House Music DJs, producers, and vocalists. The tournament was supported by industry sponsorship including RANE, Numark, and SURE. It became one of the most anticipated and unique House events in Chicago for three years.

Working with so many talented DJs, producers, vocalists, and musicians gave Sabat new influences and motivation to revive and revamp himself as a performer and in 2006, he eventually made it back to the DJ booth. He has performed all over Chicago as well as most major cities in the United States and many overseas. In December 2007 Sabat performed for the first time with the House Music band MAAD SOUL and was invited to join the group as their resident DJ in June 2008. MAAD SOUL took off and became one of Chicago's most sought after live House acts.

Sabat finally found his way into the studio and has produced several edits and remixes. In May 2009 he founded HIGH on SOUL, an independent digital record label focusing on Deep and Soulful House Music. After nearly two years of R&D, the first release came in March of 2011 featuring original work, collaborations, and remixes by other artists. Over the years, Sabat has continued to expand his reach and appear on many festivals including becoming a resident of Mi Casa Holiday for their annual finale in Mexico. Today, he has fine-tuned his DJ style and sound into what he likes to call, Uplifting Afro-Latin-Soul.

David Sabat
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