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 Chicago, IL, USA

Member Since: 20 Jul 2008
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Recent mixes by D J B I G S E X Y (3 Degrees, Chicago)
Enigmatic Volume Three: Way Back Home
15 Jun 2021
theSEXYsessions Vol. 9
17 May 2010
theSEXYsessions Vol. 8
10 Nov 2009
theSEXYsessions Vol. 6
17 Jul 2009
theSEXYsessions Vol. 5
20 Apr 2009
theSEXYsessions Vol. 4.5
11 Jan 2009
theSEXYsessions Vol. 3
29 Sep 2008

D J B I G S E X Y (3 Degrees, Chicago)


Think of the moments that you have felt house music so deep in your heart that your eyes shut, your mind was completely clear, and all of your worries seemed to be washed away. Well, this feeling is your connection with Alex AKA bigSEXY. When a mass amount of energy makes your heart race, but beautiful melodies calm your nerves, dj bigSEXY is born. Each record he lays down is specifically for one reason to weave together a unique house music journey with hopes of leaving you breathless. Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace and home of House music, but with time spent in New York and San Francisco, bigSEXYs style could be considered vocally-deep with a touch of bounce. Being one of the five partners of 3º Global, a friends network for the unification of Global nightlife, and a host of the weekly event 3º Ultra lounge. bigSEXY before every getting behind the decks, surrounded himself with some of house music's most talented DJs. Frequenting the DJ booth while absorbing the differences in the technical knowledge and the musical recollection of many top DJ's has helped bigSEXY mature at an unbelievable rate. Now 6 years into his musical journey he has graced some of the hottest clubs along with some of the premier DJs

Frankie Knuckles
Louie Vega
DJ Duane
Jellybean Benitez
DJ Sneak
DJ Spen
Alix Alvarez
Andy Caldwell
Kevin Hedge (Blaze)
Mark Grant
Kevin Yost
Sam The Man Burns
Groove Junkies
Neil Pierce
Julius the Mad Thinker
David Harness
Grant Nelson
Cory Soulfusion
Piranha Head
DJ Kervyn Mark
Ed Dunn
DJ Swingsett

Tortured Soul
Kenny Bobien
Lisa Shaw
Painted Pictures
Malik Alston
Jon Pierce
Dawn Tallman
Diamond Temple & The Temple Dynasty band
Joi Cardwell

Club FIVE (DC)
Pink (SF)
Pacha (London)
Marlin Hotel (Miami)
Jazzid (Miami)
Zentra (Chicago)
Betty's Blue Star (Chicago)
Red (DC)
Frank's Lounge (NYC)
Kava Lounge (San Diego)
Beauty Bar (San Diego)
Airport Lounge (San Diego)
SMARTBAR (Chicago)
Sullivan Room (NYC)
Shelter (NYC)
Cuatro (Chicago)

Fort Greene Park Closing Party (Brooklyn, NY)

Overall, bigSEXY has the ability to successfully take you for a ride or drop you down deep as your mind can imagine. Needless to say, the ride is not over until his last track is played.