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art:cast #22 by Sifa 11 November 2017
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art:cast #22 by Sifa

Being a DJ and producer as well as the A&R of Belgian label Offering Recordings and running his own label DEPTH, Sifa runs a busy daily schedule. Fortunately the Belgian found the time to mix Torture the Artist's latest art:cast and provides his audience with a rhythmical approach of House music that takes Melo-dramatic twists in its built-up. Slipping into the role of a stage director Sifa commands the multilayered soundscapes to serve a higher purpose, which in this 'art:play' is to create a sound sculpture that does not intend to be finished or complete but rather to enjoy the freedom of the moment in its imperfection.

Read Sifa's interview with Torture the Artist here:…-premiere-sifa

Artist information Sifa:
Soundcloud: @sifa-music

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 Brussels, Belgium