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Kaos Music Podcast™
Hollsound - Kaos Music Podcast [2020] 11 November 2020
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András Dániel Szabó is the man behind an artistic name of Hollsound who is involved in music productions from Budapest, Hungary. During the 90's, he was part of an alternative experimental jazz-rock band. He then began with electronic music productions during 1997, initially, he created jazzy liquid drum and bass and jungle styles then later turned to dub and chillout. Ultimately, after a few years' break, Hollsound began producing dub techno, deep house, deep tech, psydub, electric bossa-nova and other similar melodic minimal electronic styles.

Special thanks to sir Szabó for compiling a podcast on own works that consists of good music.

Exposure for Rare Tunes™

More about Hollsound:

- 1. This Boat Has Gone
- 2. Dub Pong
- 3. Twins Dance
- 4. Nouke
- 5. Moon & Wind
- 6. Bubblerama
- 7. Volkspark
- 8. 128

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