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Kaos Music Podcast™
Space Scavengers - Kaos Music Podcast [2020] 11 November 2020
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The year 2007 began a great journey of more than a decade of experience in the music industry for Vasilis Kesalidis, who is well known as Spinnet. Born in Greece, a diverse talent employing various artistry identities such as Fabrics, One Arc Degree as well as Speedhack, Spin Audio and of course Space Scavengers!

Kaos Music Podcast is once again honoured! Deeply Unexpected and Spinnet are both the Space Scavengers which were assembled and charged with the mission to collect sound debris and deserted audio elements from outer space. All the scavenged material is then combined in novel ways to produce deep & exciting types of electronic music.

Focusing on ambient and dub techno genres which mostly consist of emotive, atmospheric and dubby elements of music production, the duo has produced for labels such as Ultimae Records, Very Important Music (VIM Records), Literature recordings as well as other unmentioned record labels. You have to love it when things actualize… i.e. good music getting served and wishes being fulfilled.

Special thanks to all great artists such as Space Scavengers for this mix-set in particular, showcasing great mixing skill and creating a satisfying performance of music service.

Img_02 - Metropolis
Braulio Lam - 55mm
Vidall - Eproach
Gulls - Inside Way (Version)
Vytis - Sky Hiker
Fourthstate - Deeper Down Above
Sys - Radius
Spinnet - The Pillar of Winter
Native Dog - Epiphyte (Space Scavengers Remix)
Stinkworx - Amira
Untitled Original Collaboration -
Halftribe - Pulse

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