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 Kriel, South Africa

Member Since: 27 Jul 2019
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Sv Muziq



A deep house producer/dj from Kriel, Mpumalanga.

Life's story:

The love for music came at a young age for me, 7 years old to be exact. This happened under tragic circumstances unfortunately I had an injury to my right eye which left me blinded in that eye. I was distraught this ruined my life and left me questioning if God exists and if he does how could he let something like this happen to an innocent child. Not long after my injury whilst recovering I found my love for music through a close friend who loved jazz music at the time. I was intrigued by this music I mean so much emotion expressed through sound alone. It felt comforting, it felt soothing, I felt my soul just relax and all the thoughts just disappeared. It was just me and the music. I just knew from there on that I never want that feeling to fade. So I got into collecting music and by 15 I had developed a keen ear. Age 17(2018) I stumbled across a Fl studio video one evening whilst surfing YouTube. I was hooked from the get go even though I understood nothing but I wanted to learn. Fast forward a few months I heard Pierre Johnson's music for the first time. That was a moment of awe for me and few days later Sv Muziq was born.

Sound description:

My sound is moulded after Pierre Johnson to a certain extent. But is also completely far from his. I would describe it as deep soulful, ambient/airy

Musical influences:

Pierre Johnson
London on da track
Kunuyiki takahashi
Tremendous In Bloom (T.I.B)