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MusiQ Soul Prince
Soul Goes Deep 8 August 2014
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Title: Soul Goes Deep (extended mix)

Album: Soulful Kollectives #10

Mixed by: MusiQ Soul Prince


I. C9ine ft Mr Dex - Together [1st Hour - Soulful House]
II. Gemini boys - Shades of Colour (TekniQ Abstract mix)
III.Luka feat, Beesting - Unexpected (Rancido Travelling Soul mix)
IV. K-White,Stones-&-Bones - Africa s Calling (VPS Projects Ultimate Mix)
V. Track 5
VI. Chymamusique - Rush SimpleTone's EpicTune
VII. Genvee ft Rona Ray - Tears of the ocean (Original Mix)
VIII. Nutty Nys P For Piano Sentimental Retake
IX. Chymamusique,Miz Dee Feat Dana Byrd - Love Is Key(Main Mix)
X. Track 10

1. Tribe Quest - Made In Ninety Seven (Main Mix) [2nd Hour - Deep house]
2. V.P.S Projects - Hey (Main mix)
3. Acoustic Fellaz - Million Species (Original Mix)
4. Acoustic Fellaz, Massa - Absence Of Soul (Infected Soul Voyage mix)
5. Zulumafia - End Of Time
6. Zulumafia - House Music After Death (Zulu Main Perc Mix) [quality dance music]
7. Raspberry Kisses (Mmino Africa Remix)
8. Miz-dee, Dolls Combers, Dana Byrd - Open Your Eyes(Betasweet remix)

Bpm: 116.

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**Disclaimer: This mix posted herewith was created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not profit**

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 Johannesburg, South Africa