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DJ Sarena Tyler


A staple in Detroit for over 30 years, Sarena Tyler has been known as a party rocker, tireless promoter and meticulous organizer. Sarena has brought her sisterhood sounds to dance floors throughout the USA and overseas since 1978. Her captivating sound blends genres of body-rockin' HOUSE music; she'll seamlessly segue from SOULFUL deep house to FUNKY HOUSE and groove the dance floor with her soulful banging House SETS. At first one of only a handful of women on the scene, SARENA has held residents in numerous legendary clubs throughout Michigan. Currently, She continue guesting at many premier music nights and venues.

Sarena Tyler is also the founder of The Soulful House Sessions consisting of a Soulful House Music podcast, Soulful House Music blog and coming soon a web site featuring the latest in Soulful house music, Soulful deep house music, soulful deep chill house music and South African house music.

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