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Shebang.Bang's: Bangin Sessions
Bio: Thabang “Shebang” Monyokolo is a Dj/producer/entrepreneur, growing up in Johannesburg where there is a large front of upcoming Dj’s and producers. Currently living in Bloemfontein. With over 4 years behind the turntables and 7 on the dance floor. He plays & mixes blends of Soulful, Deep, Nu-Jazz & Afro Deep House rhythms which make the house lovers on the dance floors grow insanely in love with the genre of house music and the way it is mixed by him. “I believe and I’m Grateful to be a South African in a time where house music is Loved to such an extent by all kinds of age groups, cultures and just people in general, I want to be a trendsetter of new sounds of house which will bring a highly new generation of house yet keeping its old school style”. There is no doubt that this industry has a lot of competition making it harder for an up-coming Dj/producer to make it in this very large & great industry.”I grew up listening to the likes of DJ fresh, Dj Oskido, DJ Miggs, DJ Christos, DJ Ganyani, the Late IGGY Smallz & Kabzela, Revolution, I mean the list can go on for hours. While growing up as a kid I would take 2 cd players / stereo’s then play music on each & try mix/blend them both together without a mixer. There was even a point in time where I would tell my parents, friends & family that when I grew up I would love to become a Dj & not only a dj but to bring something new to the industry I would be mixing/playing gospel in church and mixing it on decks. Silly, I know but it’s true. Shebang dropped out of high school grade 9 to begin a career in djing, by attending a Dj course at the well known soul candi institute of music. During my attendance there I then came across the business side of things & production side and decided to take all of them on. These consisted of the DJ course, Music Production & Music Business Course.. These courses gave me more knowledge and confidence in what I had always wanted to do. Luckily at the time I was studying there was a new trend beginning in the evolution of djing, this was the use of cd players also known as cdj’s. Once I graduated I immediately Bought the System used for Djing . Consisting of 2 turntables, 2 cdj’s, an Amp, 4 Speakers & a mixer. With these on hand I have begun renting out the system & using it myself for events I host & co-host. My first ever event was a house party thrown for a friend when she was home alone. It was an experience I will never forget & was my first time playing for a group of people live. I since do not limit myself to just one type of technology in terms of equipment. Cdj’s (preferably pioneer)and Turntables (preferably technics). South Africa Phone: +2783 208 3748 / +2774 372 5893. Email: Genre: House Has played alongside: Fistaz Mixwell, Glen Lewis, Dj Sbu, DJ beekay, Dj QT, and many more known, underground & upcoming Dj’s. Places I have played at: Backroom, Moe’s Pub & grill, Zambezi Lounge (currently known as Kalawa Jazmee), Cappelo’s, Ekhayeni (Bloemfontein), many other unknown, known places. Definitely more to come. “I believe in playing the kind of house you have never heard before yet it will make you want to dance to all because it’s extremely groovey”. Shebang got his name in Primary school from teachers who couldn’t pronounce it and friends who liked it and has grown firmly with it. Currently working on a production package which will feature different kinds of rhythmic sounds of deep house. Till then please enjoy the podcasts selected and mixed by Shebang and enjoy them. Who knows SHEBANG could be the next big thing one day. Disclaimer: The tracks posted here were created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not profit. I am not the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the track, support the artists and go and buy the originals...they are easy to find. Bookings: