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 Pretoria, South Africa

Member Since: 16 Jan 2019
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J Hour D02 (Fugerythmic Visit)
15 Apr 2019
J Hour D01 (Auxtail Visit)
08 Apr 2019
J Hour C02
26 Feb 2019
J Hour C01
15 Feb 2019
J Hour B02
02 Feb 2019
J Hour B01
10 Jan 2019



DeepHouseFonds is an establishment for Deep House Music lovers where they can find the best of everything Deep House Music, news/events/Djs/Producers/the music itself and e.t.c, all in one place, we also from time to time dab in some other genres like dubtechno/jazz/ambient...etc, as long as it's what we consider as mature music. DeepHouseFonds Was established on the 10th of November 2018 by Dr J, A DJ himself and a lover/collector of this amazing genre.DeepHouseFonds has great things planned for the future regarding this genre, plans that I do not want to mention. Be part of the growing process and join the family by following us on:





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Call Us: 081 385 4513