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 Cape Town, South Africa

Member Since: 09 Mar 2019
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Recent mixes by RemyWest
Afro Deep House
11 Sep 2021
Afro Deep House
07 Sep 2021
Zakes Bantwini Osama Afro House mix
06 Sep 2021
Friday night mix
27 Aug 2021
Afro House Radio
20 Aug 2021
Amapiano Mpura and Killer Kau
16 Aug 2021
Deep Afro House Session
05 Aug 2021



RemyWest is a talented South African music producer from a small town in Limpopo (Westenburg) and he is also the founder of "West Records", he is best known for his unique basslines and style in Deep House, Deep Tech, EDM and Afro music production. RemyWest has collaborated with local and international artist and has also released with record labels from across the globe. He has released "Journey Ahead EP" with Brutu Music,  "Spiritual Calling EP" with Veksler Records, "Lazarus Pit EP" with Time2Fly Records and featured by Nora en Pure in Purified Mix 217 "Power Corrupts" in a period of 2 years.

He has a unique taste and passion for music from a young age and he tells his life story through music, in his previous releases most of his music was influenced by family and the challenges they undergo on a daily basis. For RemyWest it is more than just a combination of synths, melodies, chords, pads and drums but his pain, his ups and downs. For RemyWest, music is his platform of expressing himself and sharing his life story.

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