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 Giyani, South Africa

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Nkateko Forget Chauke Jun 2018

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Nkateko Forget Chauke


Nkateko Forget Chauke was born on the 22 August 1998 in Giyani.

He went to Dingamanzi Primary school at the age of 6 in 2004. At that time he was staying with his mother only.

He was the top achiever learner for Grade 7 class in 2011.

He went to Hivuyeriwile Commercial Secondary School in the rural settlement known by Dzingidzingi Village. He was a promising student. During the time that he was in high school, he was living with his grand parents. He also made new friends from a lot of different cultural backgrounds. He faced different challenges but able to win against them, he progressed to Grade 12, which he did in 2016.

He participated in various activities in the School. He was a class rape on their Grade 12 class of 2016. He produced great fruits for the school as He obtained Bachelor certificate and 2 distinctions, in 2016. It became immediately clear to him that he had made the right career choice, going in science and pure mathematics. However, he had no idea what to do after high school graduation. He applied for Geology and Mining Engineering as second option at University of Johannesburg. but He also applied for Nursing and Geology at University of Venda. Both careers are so relevant according to him, he says when you get hurt from the mine you need help from nurses.

He is now enrolling at University of Johannesburg. Auckland park kings way campus. He is currently doing Geology and Environmental Management, Bachelor of science degree. On March 2018 he was announced as one of the top Ten students for Geology first years in 2017 He is a hard working person, who also like to work and perform good on a group and even individually. He believes that there is spare time in life, He is busy and always want to be busy. When he is free, he write poems and life stories He wrote so many poems in his lifetime. One of the book he wrote is Malanga a yana mbuyelo. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV dramas