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 Newcastle, South Africa

Member Since: 19 Jun 2011
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Msendy is a long time music collector and a deep house enthusiast.

His interest in the genre ranges from dub techno to broken beats and everything in between. :)
He grew interest back in 1989, his late uncle being the centre of inspiration. Friday and Saturday nights would be spent listening to (then) Radio Metro and Radio Bop via AM frequency!
In 2012, Msendy founded his podcast called Msendy's Deep Perspectives, currently running on Soundcloud ( He hosted the African show during the inception of Mix People FM - internet radio based in Spain. Msendy's show on Soundcloud successful and appreciated worldwide.

Being directly active from 2011, he has played along side with some of the renowned underground local heads. He has collaborated with some of the best house heads internationally.
Msendy is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His mixes are available on Mixcloud, Hearthis, Podomatic and Soundcloud, mostly which are linked to DEEPHOUSEMIX.COM.