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House Visions 15-Birthday Mix 7 July 2019
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Hello My name is Kojo
Matlatsa,welcome to my daily podcast called House Visions.

Ladies and Gentleman todays mix is very dare to my heart, it is a compilation of my favorite deep house and soulful house songs and more than anything is a special birthday Mix I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.And sorry for the delay on posting.✌️😊👌

Track List:
1.P Tempo __Reasons
2.P Tempo __Will you Remember
3.Kay Tronik Deep & Keystone ft Mogomotsi Chosen__Bowa Sthandwa Sami
4.King Mshivo & P Tempo __Another Man
5.Nick Holder__Summer Daze(Dukesoul's Mellow Touch)
6.Fat Freddys Drop__Hope(3 Generations Walking Remix)
7.Kaylow__The soul Cafe
8.Dario D Attis ft Lisa Shaw__All Over Again
10.I don't know why,Black coffee mix edit(Manno Remix)

Duration of mix:57min.23sec

Feel free to contact me:
👉Facebook profile: Kojode Matlatsa
Once again I hope you enjoy the mix

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