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Basement Art SA
Basement Art 78 | KiloBase Selection 5 May 2020
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Kilobase’s set featured on show 78 the Basement Art Radio Show Tracklist:
Heavenly Sweetness - Cotonete - Layla (Alex Attias Remix)
SIR LSG MUSIC - Sir LSG - Careful Careless (Sir LSG Hornstrumental)
Neroli - Chaos In the CBD, Nathan Haines, Dave Koor - Emotional Intelligence
NDATL Muzik - Mausiki Scales, DJ Kemit - Kaleidoscopic Universe (DJ Kemit -the Lounge Lizards Remix)
Sub_Urban - Dirtytwo - Hopeless (JT Donaldson Remix) Puro Music - Tonbe - Feet On The Controls (Original Mix) Yoruba Records - Mike Steva, Areign - Adore Stay True Sounds - China Charmeleon - Colours (Original Mix)
Shall Not Fade - Laurence Guy - This Isn't My Best Light (Original Mix)
Quintessentials - Nenor - December day (Original Mix)
Toy Tonics - Felipe Gordon - The Semimodular Bird of Jazz (Original Mix)
Foliage Records - Jon Cutler - I'll Take You (Art of Tones Remix)
Basement Art - Chronical Deep Sing For Love (Molly Mix) Basement Art - Tahir Jones - The Yahweh Currency (Original Mix)
Delusions Of Grandeur - Tee Mango - Do U Luv Me? (Original Mix)
Moonrise Hill Material - Folamour - L'île des gauchers

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 Pretoria, South Africa