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Soulful, spiritual, sensual deep house 10 October 2010
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1. Maestro & Cabal - Escuchame Mi Amor (Viva la Vida Tribal Dub Mix)
2. Juki - Giving Up
3. Rio Orchestra - Salsa D (Brian Tappert Re-Edit)
4. Leggz - La la la (feat. Stephanie)
5. Monique Bingham & Ralf Gum – Kissing Stranger
6. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
7. Kerri Chandler - Downtown (Dark Mix)
8. Underground Resistance – Hi Tech Jazz
9. Jamiroquai - Seven Days In Sunny June (Ashley Beedle Heavy Disco Vocal Remix)
10. Native Rythms - Ya-Hey (feat. Jazz-N-Groove) [Jazz-N-Groove Mix]
11. VA - Tears Of Velva - The Way I Feel (4 Daye Club)

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 London, United Kingdom


  1. That's a nice "Fresh Fall Mix"...solid work Juki.

  1. Juki-

    Very smooth mix...enjoy it on my Saturday morning. I agree with my brotha B.K. - solid!!!


  1. Groove Activator

    Loving this.

  1. Thanks again guys :)
    If any of you liked the second track Juki - "Giving Up' and would like a copy of it, just drop me an email on Cheers :)

  1. Very insprational. I am loving it !

  1. Cheers Devonation :)

  1. For me 3 tracks stand out. Number 1, 2 and the track playing at 50:49. Amazing music.

    Track 2 - Juki - Giving it up is my new found obsession. Constantly on repeat. I would love to work with you Juki.
    Hit me up on

  1. Nice Mix

  1. Appreciate that Steve :)

  1. You are very welcome Juki, too bad I already done my fashion show for this season, but I will keep your "Giving Up" in mind for my next collection show music if you don't mind :)

  1. Of course I don't mind :) Do you have a copy yet?

  1. Parabens sensacional esse set music..
    Cara isso é o classico de todoss os ritimos..

  1. No I don't, can I have it? Thank you.


    NICE ONE!!!

  1. Deejayjeffrey


  1. tiene un sonido fantastico, se puede ecuciar par toda la vida