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Afro Tech With Gemynine - Session 1 10 October 2020
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Finally!!! Afro-Tech mix....long overdue

Da Capo - Sweet Dreams
Skindeep, Dee Cee - Say You Want Me
Darksidevinyl - Babalih (Original Mix)
Morena feat Carlos Mena - I Am Your DJ
Mosco Lee - Echoes In Mars (Original Mix)
Mosco Lee - Dimensional Space (Original Mix)
Mosco Lee - The Falling Comet (Original Mix)
Echo Deep - Mizimu (Original Mix)
Pascal Morais, Che Cherry - Unfrozen (Cee ElAssaad Instrumental Voodoo Mix)
Lizwi, Black Major - Zolalela (Sebastien Dutch vs Kreative Nativez Remix)

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Enjoy ^_^

Image by: OpenClipart-Vectors

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 Johannesburg, South Africa