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Chemtrailing USA 8 August 2015
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A brand new Detroit Techno mix, mixed live for datechdahaus productions. This mix is dedicated to the Heavens, to the Oxygen, and terra firma that Mother Earth gave to us for free. It’s our steward mission to protect Mother Earth for future generations to come. This alchemy “they” are creating in the heavens is being done to control the weather and for population control! Wise up friends and may the Father of All Creation protect us all!


1. Bourne Dub (Ambient Mix Vs. JDT “HAARP” Remix) – Echo Inspectors & Insect O
2. W.e. (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Aerosol Spray” Remix) – Exos
3. Tokyo (Original Mix Vs JDT “Alzheimer’s Issues” Remix) – Manik
4. Rush 12 (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Pulsating” Remix) – Yan Cook
5. G.T.O.F. (Original Mix Vs JDT “Rothschild Da Weatherman” Remix) – Multiples
6. Good Boy Lolo (Original Mix) – Dj Mourad
7. Passion Week (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Philippines” Remix) – Kiki, Sasse
8. Traffic Hero (Original Mix Vs JDT “She’s a Hero” Remix) – Multiples
9. The Land of The Midnight Sun (Samuel L. Session Remix) – Roberto
10. Billingsella (Original Mix) – Jamie Anderson, Roberto
11. Buffalo Trace (Original Mix) – MANIK (NYC)
12. A Room (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Pilot Pilot” Remix) – son.sine
13. Lust (Johnny Blackouts Remix) – Matteo, J. Burnside
14. The Hypnoticus (VRIL Dub) – Sterac
15. Mind & Soul (Stefano Noferini Remix) – Marshall Jefferson, Tom Wax
16. Nijo (Original Mix) – Sven Weisemann
17. Freedom Is Timeless (Owen Ni Remix) – Magit Cacoon
18. Icaria (Original Mix) - Sven Weisemann
19. Dextrous (Original Mix) – Nightmares on Wax
20. Film Grain (Original Mix) – Yan Cook

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 Jackson Heights, NY, USA


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