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 Chicago, IL, USA

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I fell in love with house music in the early 80's while in elementary school. I used to stay up til 2am listening to the HOTMIX 5 on WBMX in Chicago recording every mix I could on Tonemaster Tapes.LOL.As the Chicago House Music scene was blowing everyone wanted to become a DJ to rock the parties like the House Dj's were doing.That was the beginning of my LOVE for spinning records.My friends and I put everything we together so we could try to learn the art of Dj'ing. We had one Technic(not a 1200), one Sears turntable,a Radioshack mixer and a bunch of scratched records before it was over.One day about 15 years after that,the desire to become a Dj was re-ignited. I woke up the next morning bought 2 1200's and a Numark mixer and hit every record store in town searching for hottest house music.