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DJG419 Moving Music _ Special _ Emergen Zee 3 March 2022
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Why hello, it’s moving music, this week with World Bass, global music, show 419, we are calling, Emergen Zee, with Clozee, and a bunch of friends, curated – so hold on.

“Just because the bass has a traditional role to fulfill, doesn’t mean one has to fulfill it in the traditional manner”. Jack Bruce

In 2022 radioradio celebrates 50 years of narrowcasting!

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DJG419 Moving Music_Special_Emergen Zee 11 March 2022

Hold On (feat. MOONZz) – CloZee
Let’s Do This – Bass Temple
Falling In Love – CloZee
Long Live The Chill (feat. Sir Bishop) – CloZee, Sir Bishop
Zodiac – 9 Theory
Fire Breather feat. Yiani Treweeke – Dysphemic
Tempest – Tropo
Baiana (CloZee Remix) – Barbatuques, CloZee
Feathered Serpent – Tropo
Ellie’s Nap – Esseks
Ancient Mysteries – TRIGO
Santosha – CAIN & Tomchilla
Rainfall – Garneau
Burning Forest – LIL FISH
Jellyfish – CloZee
Virah – Orenda
Same Team – Willdabeast
Farewell (w/ Jason Leech) – CloZee

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 Calgary, Canada