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DJ Andy-Deep
Deeper Tunes of House Vol.61 5 May 2018
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Looking for something to stimulate your mood? There you have it. This mix is here to give you that energy you need to keep you going. I must say this one is one of my favourites thus far. Take a listen and give feedback. Djs love feedback. Playlist below:

01. Kojo Akusa ftLes Ego - Delete (LayedSoul's Undo Dub)
02. Floetry - It's Getting Late (LayedSoul's Never Too Late Dub)
03. Winnie Deep, Robyn K - Lost In A Groove
04. Dwson ft Kymac - Parrable ( Original Mix )
05. Dwson - G
06. Fka Mash - See me
07. Pierre Johnson - Cure ( Original mix )
08. Pierre Johnson-Astrophysics
09. TonicHD- Thanks Giving
10. Ben Werchohlad - Means Are The End ( Thorne Miller Remix )
11. Pierre Johnson & Chris Jay - Kaizen (Original Mix)
12. Dwson - Luna
13. Laurence Guy - Saw You For The First Time
14. Myazisto Kojo Akusa - Something Deep (Original Mix).mp3
15. Kat La Kat & Aquatone - What You Gonna Do (Aquatone Dub Mix)

Disclaimer: This mix posted herewith was created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not profit. I am not the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the tracks, support the artists and buy the originals available online and at your nearest record store.

Enjoy and stay deep!!!!

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 Durban, South Africa