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 Detroit, MI, USA

Member Since: 10 Feb 2012
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Recent mixes by Tony Nova
Notes From the Studio
25 Jan 2015
Deep & Jazzy 7
02 Dec 2014
Deep & Jazzy 6
25 Sep 2014
89 Virgo
26 Aug 2014
The Fifth Movement
03 Aug 2014
Deep Music for Deep People
11 Jul 2014
Summer Madness
27 May 2014

Tony Nova


The Tony Nova Radio Show:
Tony Nova Radio is a mix show that sets Jazzy mood full of bossa nova layered with funk and jazzy house music with a hot mix of latin jazz and deep house music.

About Tony Nova:
Musician/Producer Tony Nova is an expert in Nu-Jazz, House Music and fusion and can meld the most unique sounds together. Tony Nova sets a peaceful mood full of bossa nova layered with a little funk and jazzy house music. It whisks you away to a magical, indescribable place.

Most of the Tony Nova Music can be found free below

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