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 Port Macquarie, Australia

Member Since: 23 Jan 2008
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Ollie Brooke


I began my foray into DJ'ing in 1998 while I was at college in Tralee in Ireland. Starting out in the college radio I quickly began skipping lectures in favour of playing a set when someone else was away or more educationally oriented.
2 years later and my formal education became old news in favour of running nights in and around Cork and Kerry in the south west of Ireland. Things were going well as I continued to push myself and my abilities, securing gigs up and down the country and playing alongside some of the scene's bigger names including Mr. Spring and DJ Ted. Regular appearances on 2 FM started to build up and I launched the (now defunkt) Irish DJ Alliance.
I next moved to the UK for about 18 months until 2004 when I moved here to Australia.
Upon arriving here my drive jumped up a notch or 2, with a blank canvas and a clear mind on what I wanted to do for a living I set my sights firmly on making a go of this DJing lark.
Within the first 12 months I had run my own night "soda" with cohort Jim Naylor, secured a weekly residency at The Beach House and had my first full length mix aired on national radio.
Not content to settle for that I took the decision to invest some time and effort into developing this website with a view to building a network of like minded people and creating a resource pool that would help me further my knowledge and give me a solid base to puch my sounds out there.
Now in 2009 the future is looking bright, with 3 production releases under my belt and 2 more slots on national radio the passion is well and truly still alive.
2009 has seen me begin a serious focus on my production and with my first major release "Fireflies" out of the way I'm continuing to move heavily into that area as well as promoting a night called "Tonic" as an effort to extend my skills in that area and fund my production.
Having worked with the like of John Beltran, Orlando Voorn ,Vincent Kwok, DJ Freestyle, Erefaan Pearce, Mike Jules and more the plan is to continue a steady ascent and bring my music to as many ears as want to hear it!