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15 Mar 2015 Mike Spinline Jazzy, Downtempo
DeepSoulGrooves Episode 23

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Mike Spinline - DeepSoulGrooves Episode 23 - Track Listing

1. Anthony Nicholson - Chicago
2. Rai Scott - Do We Really Know (Dubbyman Break The Beat Mix)
3. Lake People - Unexpected End Of Archive
4. Harvey Sutherland - Oscillate
5. Oscar P - Jus Like Music (thatmanmonkz Remix)
6. Marcellus Pittman - In Due Time (Ricardo Miranda Remix)
7. Jazzuelle - The Access Point
8. Scott Diaz - Take A Chance
9. Around7 - Soul Kiss
10. Kito Jempere - A Thousand Times (Nachtbraker Remix)
11. Alci - Castle
12. Gerald Mitchell - It's The Phuture
13. Dan Shake & Rennie Foster - Traders II
14. Omar S feat. Colonel Abrams - Who Wrote The Rules of Love (R&B Long Mix)

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11 Mar 2015 House365 Radio(Guest Mix) Vocal, Tribal, Afro-Beat, Radio
Boiler Room South Africa Edition - Black Coffee (March 2015 Mix)

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House365 Radio(Guest Mix) - Boiler Room South Africa Edition - Black Coffee (March 2015 Mix) - Track Listing

Boiler Room Live Recorded Mix By: Black Coffee

Black Coffee's impact on South African house music is indisputable. Since initially grabbing people's attention with his self-entitled 2005 debut, Coffee has remained a lighthouse for soulful, vocal-led four to the floor. This coupled with an enviable skill set (fashion designer, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter) has helped take the Durban-born mastermind around the world, picking up numerous accolades along the way.

- - - -
Streaming / Listening Links: |(FREE with your BlackBerry Handset/Smartphone)
(Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phones & PC/Mac SUPPORTED)

Download our streaming applications on:
- - - -

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11 Mar 2015 galbeh Vocal, Uptempo, Live, Radio
galbeh - #galbehLAND Episode 010

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galbeh - galbeh - #galbehLAND Episode 010 - Track Listing

Chris Lake - Chest [Original Mix]
Oliver Heldens - Melody [Original Mix]
DJ Kuba & Neitan x Paul Dave - Gangsta [Original Mix]
Riggi & Piros - Keep Rockin [Original Mix]
Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot [Jesse La'Brooy Bootleg]
Timmy Trumpet, Chardy - Hipsta [Original Mix]
Hirshee - Royal Flush [Original Mix]
Sebastian Knight - Gordito [Original Mix]
Tujamo, Jacob Plant - All Night [Original Mix]
Maejor Ali - Lolly (feat. Justin Bieber & Juicy J) [Sikdope Remix]
Oasis vs Eurythmics vs Alvita - Sweet Wonderwall Galaxy [Kevin Mendoza Mashup]
Angemi & Prezioso, Tom Ferro - Friendzone [Original Mix]
Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) [Charlie Darker Remix]
FTampa, WAO - Troy [Original Mix]
Daniel Portman - The Reason [Leventina & Daniel Portman Remix]
Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder (feat. The Weeknd) [Gregor Salto Amsterdam Mix]

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11 Mar 2015 Ice Cool Radio
HH # 70 HouseHeads = RadioShow

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Ice Cool - HH # 70 HouseHeads = RadioShow - Track Listing

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11 Mar 2015 falix Dark

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falix - 2 - Track Listing

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11 Mar 2015 Labmann Vocal, Classics, Tech
The Deep Universe Lab Show 008 with DeepAvenger

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Labmann - The Deep Universe Lab Show 008 with DeepAvenger - Track Listing

The Deep Universe Lab Show 008 with DeepAvenger
Traclist :
1. Angela Johnson - Better (Micky More Classic Mix)
2. Dj Dealer ft. Inaya Day - My All (David Harness Alternate Thread Mix)
3. Phil Marwood, Sandra C and Kafele - My Spirit (Main Original Mix)
4. Huxley - Let It Go (Original Mix)
5. Mark Dimeo, Sofia Rubina - Be Mine (Vocal Mix)
6. Michele McCain - If You Dont Know Me By Now (Jonny Montana Vocal Mix)
7. Neil Thompson ft. Nicole Mitchell - Facade (Smooth Mix)
8. Rob Clarke - Sometimes
9. The Soul Faders - In The Moment (Nicole Bassi Remix)

Download Link :
Listen :
Mixcrate :

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11 Mar 2015 MIXPAT Vocal, Jazzy, Disco, Tech
Deep House 114

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MIXPAT - Deep House 114 - Track Listing

01 - Indiana - Only The Lonely (KANT Remix)
02 - Dirty Vegas - Save a Prayer
03 - Antonio Eudi - The Real Nu (L O O P Remix)
04 - Maxxi Soundsystem Feat Name One - Lone Raver (Original Mix)
05 - Heavy Pins & Stage Rockers - Remember You (Mark Lower Remix)
06 - Traumton, David Christie - Saddle Up (Original Mix)
07 - DJ Mark Brickman, Anthony Poteat - He's Coming Back (DAN.K's Coming Back Dub)
08 - House Bros Underdeep Inc - Deep Inside (Soulful Mix)
09 - Johan Vilborg & Cristina Soto - Wasting (Candles Joshi Deep Fix)
10 - Jacob Bech - States
11 - Rishi K. - Sacred Geometry
12 - Denney - Low Frequency (Original Mix)
13 - Maxxi Soundsystem Feat. Name One - Medicine (Original Mix)
14 - The Beatangers Boogie Vice - Getaway (Croatia Squad remix)
15 - Reboot - The Frenchie Thing (Original Mix)
16 - Luis Junior - Sesto Senso (Original Mix)
17 - Paolo Solo & Racho - Orphidal (Original Mix)
18 - David Glass - Everybody s Fly (Original Mix)
19 - Playless - Broken

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10 Mar 2015 m-o-i Uptempo, Live, Radio, Tech
Deephouse Tech & Techno @ESCwithM_O_I Podcast

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m-o-i - Deephouse Tech & Techno @ESCwithM_O_I Podcast - Track Listing

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10 Mar 2015 Nick James Garage
NICK JAMES - MARCH - 2015 - Pt2

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Nick James - NICK JAMES - MARCH - 2015 - Pt2 - Track Listing

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10 Mar 2015 DjWavepretoria Vocal, Jazzy, Latin, Tech
Show #13 - Dj Wave

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DjWavepretoria - Show #13 - Dj Wave - Track Listing

Deeper Waves Of House
Presents Show #13
Mixed By Dj Wave

01 C.9ine - Donia Feat. P'oliveira (Original Mix)
02 Scotch Flavio Feat FiFi - Happy nights in summer (Cannon soul mix )
03 Echo Deep & Mathew Kay - Lost In Words (Original Mix)
04 Johnny T & Lenny D Feat. Stryker Johnson - Beautiful Thing (Vocal Mix)
05 David Harness - Soaring Over Brazil (Original Mix)
06 Ralph Gum With Her Hand (Featuring Hugh Masekela)
07 DeepCitySoul feat. Rainy Payne - Remember_Me_(Mr.V_De_Ja_Vu_Main_Mix)
08 jesus gonsev - urban people (v. zgersky)
09 Jazzloungerz, E-Man - The One I Lost (Original Mix)
10 Humanate Ft. Six - This Is Super8 (Autodidact Ft. Laura Vocal Mix)

DURATION TIME : 01:01:41

For more Mixtapes Download them on
Follow me on Twitter @DjwavePretoria - Link Pretoria
Residental advisor. http//
Email me on
Face Book Page : DjWave Pretoria / Deeper Waves of House..(Djwave)
My Page :

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10 Mar 2015 Cy DeeepStar Vocal, Jazzy, Tribal, Downtempo
Go Deep Go House #008 Abicah Soul Tribute Mix (Living Legends)..Ethan White AKA Tortured Soul R.I.P

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Cy DeeepStar - Go Deep Go House #008 Abicah Soul Tribute Mix (Living Legends)..Ethan White AKA Tortured Soul R.I.P - Track Listing

Abicah Soul Tribute Mix...4 Deep minds & souls..Enjoy peeeps n hit that download tab.

Ur comments & suggestions always welcome

01.Patrick Crookid & Gumzito ft Sabrina Chyld - Piece Of My Mind (Abicah Soul Deep Soul Rmx)
02.Abicah Soul - The Steals (Dead Flame Rising)
03.Abicah Soul - O Que E Que A Baiana Tem (Elemi Encrypt Mix)
04.Aid to Soulless ft Desla - One Night Mixes (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix)
05.Abicah Soul - Dreams (Da Capo's Touch Mix)
06.Vick Lavender ft Carla Prathe - First Kiss (Abicah Soul Master Mix)
07.Vick Lavender - After Party For Two (Abicah Soul Mix)
08.Bucie - Wishing Upon A Star (Abicah Soul Rmx)

Make Contact with Cy DeeepStar on this platforms

Twitter _ @cymosh86
Facebook _ Cyril Moshoeshoe (Cy)
Mixcloud _ Cy DeeepStar
SoundCloud _ Cy DeeepStar
Email _
Cell/WhatsApp _ 082 734 3778

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10 Mar 2015 Magik Deep Garage, Uptempo, Radio, Tech
Eighty Fist

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Magik Deep - Eighty Fist - Track Listing

1. VRRS - C63 AMG - Black Venison

2. Moods - Hold Tight - Boogie Angst

3. Walking Shadow - Without You - Dessous Recordings

4. Frank Dux - Stolen Keys - Deep Explorer Digital

5. Andy Hart - Dreams on Kepler - Voyage Recordings

6. WBeeza - Circles - Third Ear Recordings

7. Monomite - Atmosphere (or just a day) - Beat X Changers

8. Renato Ratier - Soul Machine (Kyodai Remix) - D-Edge

9. Kito Jempere -Do You Know Me (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - DIRT CREW RECORDINGS

10. Elpierro - Horizons - Ababili Recordings

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09 Mar 2015 Tranquility Soul Fam Vocal, Jazzy, Live, Radio
12inch Deep weekly Selection 8 March mixed by Pash Miller

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Tranquility Soul Fam - 12inch Deep weekly Selection 8 March mixed by Pash Miller - Track Listing

House Of Rhythm 88.1fm (vowfm) Sundays 6-9pm with DJ Soso and Deepancenstral

Sobz, InfectedSoul, Paras Dlamini- Siyabonga. RECENT RELEASE 2015-03-06 under Soul O Music (latest album From high& Above)

Dj Fortee& Vitoto- Mosquito

Sobz- kuku RECENT RELEASE 2015-03-06 under Soul O Music (from high&above album)

Gabbana Da Deejay- An a logue withcraft

SoundQuest ft Zano- Apple of my eye

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09 Mar 2015 Sifiso-Mbuso (SD) Vocal, Tribal, Afro-Beat
DJ BenG Presents Sifiso M - 07.03.2015

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Sifiso-Mbuso (SD) - DJ BenG Presents Sifiso M - 07.03.2015 - Track Listing

This show goes out on from 5-7pm & on each week between 10-12am GMT every Saturday & again on each Monday between 7-9pm GMT.

Tracklistings available at

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09 Mar 2015 Dj Benny Classics, Tribal, Disco
Legwati Mix 12 Old School Deep House Remix 1

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Dj Benny - Legwati Mix 12 Old School Deep House Remix 1 - Track Listing

This is the 80s Old School Remixed to Deep House. The mix was recorded Live by my sister's 40th Birthday party. Happy Birthday Mone.

1. Black Box – I don’t know anybody else (Funky Mix)
2. Grace Jones/Dionigi & Simon Faz – Pull up to the bumper (Sunset Remix)
3. Inner City – Pennies from heaven (Benny Remix)
4. George Benson – Give me the night (Discotastic Remix)
5. Inner City – Good life(City Dub)
6. Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody (Dank Remix)
7. Betty Wright – Tonight is the night (Phat Farm Mahoota Mix)
8. Skyy – Here is to you (Re-sampled Remixed)
9. Barry White – Let the music play (Club Mix)
10. The Whispers – And the beat goes on(The Tailors Djs Remix)
11. SOS Band – Do it Tonight (eSquire Discoloop Remix)
12. Dennis Edward – Dont look any further (Danilo Rossini :Mappa Remix 2014)
13. Luther Vandross – Never too much (ATFC Remix)
14. Evelyn King – I’m in love (Con Ache Remix)
15. Change – Glow of love (Lee Curtiss Remix)

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09 Mar 2015 Basement Art SA Downtempo, Afro-Beat, Live, Tech
Basement Art 5 Mixed by KiloBase

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Basement Art SA - Basement Art 5 Mixed by KiloBase - Track Listing

Basement Art 5, selected and mixed by KiloBase

Yoruba Records - Djinji Brown - Waterfalls In Dub

Heist Recordings Andy Hart-The Same For Me

Unxpozd – DJ Aakmael – Deep Again

Lower east-- Bred For Pleasure-Better Than This (Mr Fingers Dub)

Seta - Rishi K, Koala – Daylight (Damolh33 Remix)

Freerange Records - Sai - A La Carte

Defected - Luv Jam-Californian Freestyler (Jacob Korn Remix 2)

Innervision - Rancido & Kems - Play You My Guitar (Dub Version)

No Matter What - James Johnston - After Everything (Alex Agore Remix)

Frigo Vide Records - Phasen - Set Me Free

Apersonal Music - Paxton Fettel-She's All Right

Click on each track for Purchase and support the artist.

Check out our fb page for more from Basement Art

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08 Mar 2015 Retro Tribe Entertainment Vocal, Jazzy, Radio
Sole Plates with Whythaus - Friday 20th February '15

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Retro Tribe Entertainment - Sole Plates with Whythaus - Friday 20th February '15 - Track Listing

Check out Jubsta's upcoming singles "Deep In Exile" and "Mafia House" in this mix live on ALL FM 96.9

Sole Plates Radio Show #87 (96.9 ALL FM, Mcr, UK) Podcast featuring the return of Sole Plates Resident DJ & former IDJ & Mixmag Competition winner Paul WHYTHAUS mixing it up on 4 decks as he takes us all the way back to the early 90's with tracks from the likes of Kerri Chandler, DJ Pierre & MAW amongst others... enjoy!

Like Sole Plates:

Like Retro Tribe Entertainment:

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08 Mar 2015 Houz Fam##108 Vocal, Afro-Beat, Uptempo
Sowetan DeeP Houz Episodes#002 (Infinite Boys Exclusiv Mix Presented & Mixed by Houz Fam ##108)

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Houz Fam##108 - Sowetan DeeP Houz Episodes#002 (Infinite Boys Exclusiv Mix Presented & Mixed by Houz Fam ##108) - Track Listing

New week , new exciting mix presented by Houz Fam ##108.This week we feature the talented Duo (Infinite Boys) from the East Rand in Johannesburg..Enjoy Peeps n Stay Deeep

01.Infinite Boys ft Laquisha -With You (Spoken Mix)
02.Infinite Boys ft Lil Soul - Ubuntu Bethu (Master Lucra Rmx)
03.Infinite Boys ft Thando K - Crazy Love (Joyful Deep Rmx)
04.Infinite Boys ft Lil Soul - Ubuntu Bethu (Cuebur Rmx)
05.Dj Pepsi ft Byron Stingly - Mama (Infinite Boys Mix)
06.Infinite Boys ft Bucie - I Got You
07.Nastee Nev - Hung Up (Infinite Boys Mix)
08.In Our Village - Spoken Accapella
09.Infinite Boys ft Dvine Lopez - My Life
10.Monoea - Pretty Disaster (Infinite Boys Mix)
11.Infinite Boys - Careless Whisper

........................THE END..........................

Email _
Cell/WhatsApp _ 082 734 3778

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08 Mar 2015 DJ TIPZ Vocal, Jazzy, Tribal, Tech
I’ll House You Vol.29

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DJ TIPZ - I’ll House You Vol.29 - Track Listing

Spring in the air, windows down, system up! I’ll House You. Deep Funky Soulful Tech selection this is Vol.29. Enjoy.

# – artist – title
01. Howling – Signs
02. Brame – Full Custody
03. Kaytranda Ft. Shay Lia – Leave Me Alone
04. Rhode & Brown – Make Believe Ballroom (Glenn Astro Remix)
05. Leon Vynehall – This Is The Place
06. Maya Jane Coles – Something In The Air (Bonobo Remix)
07. Paxton Fettel – She’s All Right (Jimpster Remix)
08. Culoe De Song – Gyser (Original Mix)
09. SB – The Washint (Original Mix)
10. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Ft. Bucie – Out Of My Life
11. David Mayer – Sunhole
12. Atjazz & Oveous – Soldiers (DJ Tipz Remix)
13. Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong (Osunlade Lonely Remix)

Photo by: DJ Tipz

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08 Mar 2015 Verteegoe Vocal, Garage, Uptempo, Tech
100%PureGoodMusic 11 (DeepHouse)

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Verteegoe - 100%PureGoodMusic 11 (DeepHouse) - Track Listing

01 Vincenzo - The Vanishing Years (Original Mix)
02 Nightriders - Tribute Konrad (Carelli Extended
03 Mhlengi Madiba - The move (original mix)
04 Bruno Be - Hideaway (Vincenzo Remix)
05 Mr. V - Jus Dance (Dario D'Attis Remix)
06 Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass feat. Raha-When I
Touch Your Lips (Original Mix)
07 Miguel Migs, Meshell Ndegeocello - What Do
You Want (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
08 Lance Desardi - The Power Of Suggestion
(Original Mix)
09 Fabian Dikof - Bleary Faces (Vidis Tool)
10 Bas Amro - Ten (Original Mix)
11 Sebastian Markiewicz - Essence (Kyodai Remix)
12 Adam Port - Snowbeach
13 Matthias Meyer - Lagonia (Original Mix)
14 David August - Epikur (Original Mix)
15 ian pooley - floris (original mix)
16 the cheapers-memories (original mix)
17 Diephuis - Crossing Borders (Manoo's Refugee
18 Hyenah - The Chase (Original Mix)
19 daniel bortz and sascha sibler - young world
(original mix)
20 Matthias Meyer - Ostinato (Patlac Remix)
21 &Me - Birdland (Original Mix)

whatsapp: 0747178123
instagram: @Verteegoe
Facebook: Verteegoe Makhanya

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07 Mar 2015 Janne Rasi Vocal, Jazzy, Disco
Cabin Fever Guest Mix

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Janne Rasi - Cabin Fever Guest Mix - Track Listing

Guest mix for the Cabin Fever show hosted by Ski Club Of Great Britain on Boxfrequency FM (Mar 4 2015)
Akwaaba: Get Yong'un (Original) (Discfunction)
Mujaba: Malibu Stacey (Four Roses Recordings)
Lindstrøm: Disturbing The Perfect Symmetry (Smalltown Supersound)
Blackjoy: Moustache (Prins Thomas Diskodub) (NRK)
Melodymann: Truesoul (Melodymathics)
Francis Harris: You Can Always Leave (Scissor and Thread)
Charles Webster: I Understand You (Peacefrog)
Barbara Mason: Another Man (West End/BBE)
L.A.D.M.: A Greater Life (Disco) (Sublevel)
D.J. Weight Problem: Moon Maiden (Better Days Records, Inc.)
Panaché: Sweet Jazz Music (BBE)
Cloud One: Flying High (P&P Records)
Metro Area: Machine Vibes (Environ)
Jin Choi: Views (LesIzmo:r)
Takuya Matsumoto: Side By Side (Iero)

Mixed with 3 decks in Helsinki, Finland, Feb 2015.…n-fever-march-2015/

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07 Mar 2015 Dj Goya Vocal, Jazzy, Classics
Goya Presents A Sense of Nostalgia

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Dj Goya - Goya Presents A Sense of Nostalgia - Track Listing

1 Your Colors (Yoruba Soul Mix) (2004)
John Beltran

2 About Us (Glenn Underground Imeegu Mix) (2005)
Mr. A.L.I. Featuring Carla Prather & Reggie Hall
3 Shelter Me (LNTG Mix) (Year Unkwown)

4 Alone (Sole Dub) (2003)
Jon Cutler Featuring Luna

5 Love Calls (Bootleg Vocal Mix) (2004)
Kem-istry ?

6 People (Original Mix) (2003)
Larry Heard

7 Love of My Life (Main Mix) (2003)
Arnold Jarvis

8 Song In May (Kemistry Inst Dub) (2004)
DJ Kemit & DJ Roland Clark

9 You're Too Close (Mr. V Sole Channel Remix) (2006)
DJ Pap Feat. Cei Bei ?

10 Sanctuary (DJ Deep & Franck Roger Remix) (2004)

11 Love Is Just A Call Away (Main Vocal Mix) (2004)
Abicah Soul Featuring Cei Bei

12 The Heat (Sean Diaz Meltdown Mix) (2003)
Hollis P. Monroe Featuring Christa

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07 Mar 2015 Levi Lyman Vocal, Tribal, Disco, Tech
Episode 49: Nightshift Part 3 (November 2013)

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Levi Lyman - Episode 49: Nightshift Part 3 (November 2013) - Track Listing

36. DJ Dan & Gary Caos- Minibus
37. Funk Mediterraneo- Sunday Of Soccer
38. DJ Deka & Dave Rose- Ula Bula
39. Rescue- Work
40. Gussy & Delgado- Together
41. Mighty B & DB- You've Got Drunk Enough (Antoine Cortez Mix)
42. Rescue & DJ Mes- Booty Shakin'
43. Bad Zuke- I Don't Need You
44. Gary Caos- Miss Broadway (Tradelove Mix)
45. DJ Dan & TJR- Jacked Up Funk (DJ Dan's Tech Funk Mix)
46. Benjamin Shock- Midnight Mission
47. DJ Dan- Ghost
48. Legitimate Scandal- Fu Gee La
49. Dead Funk- Teeny Disco Boppers
50. Furmit- Test Pilot (DJ Mes Town Business Mix)
51. Digital Style- Undergo
52. Derrick Carter- Where U At! (Where Ya At, Now!)
53. Ant Brooks & DJ Jock- Brasshaus

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07 Mar 2015 Nick James Garage, Tech
MARCH 2015

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Nick James - MARCH 2015 - Track Listing

More Mixes By Nick James...
06 Mar 2015 Jkrich Vocal, Jazzy, Tech
JkRich/Lil' Jez Wireless Soundsystem

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Jkrich - JkRich/Lil' Jez Wireless Soundsystem - Track Listing

More Mixes By Jkrich...

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