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Knine Tseki


South African House Music Producer who was born and raised in Vaal (Gauteng, S.A) at a township called Sebokeng. Studied Computer Engineering as computers are one of his biggest interested before he pursued his music career full time. Loves to watch cartoons on most of his spare time

His love for music started when he was young while loving to watch cartoons and playing video games which was their theme songs which got him hooked to music. At video game arcades they used to have a jukebox there so that when I 1st heard house music while he used to spend most of his time at those places around 2001.

Then in 2003 he really experienced house music while he was indoors at nights listening to the sounds outside while there was parties around his neighbourhood and that’s when he started being interested in DJing. few years later in 2007 while in matric after knowing more about DJing he decided to become one and continued to learn more about house music

He then started producing music in 2009 after getting deeper into this music and knowing more about House Music so ever since then he has been polishing his skills and he emerges to expose the quality of a unique sound of house music through out world.

3 years later after learning more about Music Production he then decided to pursue his passion that he has been building through learning and mastering his skills in Production as in the year 2012 Black People Records decided to release his 1st EP (3rd Wolrd Vision) and ever since then his sounds has matured more till present

My main goals as a producer/DJ is to be one of the best in the underground house music and another one is to get my music on wax even if its just one copy made of each Ep or a remix package one just for me. The underground is where I dwell at. It's where I find my heaven

Mad about music and all its forms so I will let music do the talking so check my tracks on the websites I’ve listed to get to know me better and Mixtapes