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 New York, NY, USA

Member Since: 14 Dec 1999
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DJ Justice Feb 2010

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12 Jun 2015

DJ Justice


  DJ Justice has been spinning for over 13 years. He started his career early. At the tender age of 15 and a sophomore in high school, he found himself spinning at one of the worlds largest dance complexes. For four years he pounded two weekly events to capacity, networked with other dj’s, promoters, clubs, record stores / pools, and quickly determined which music had depth and soul. “I loved the control the DJ had over the crowd and how one person can affect so many peoples moods, “You have the ability to bring happiness to someone’s life” he says.

        Until 17 years old he had no exposure to any other music besides hiphop, reggae, and r&b. One night, he recalls, he found himself trapped in an afterhours where the music was “very confusing and repetitive at first,” he claims. But after three hours [in the club] he began to notice how diverse the crowd was and how this music really affected peoples emotions. He instantly fell in love with house music and went to that particular club “The Loft” every week (where armand van halen got his start). For six years until the last day it was open. He then began frequenting New York and visiting clubs like Club Shelter, Sound Factory, and Club Cielo to name a few. He also tediously searched for hours and hours through every record in such stores as Rock and Soul, Beat Street, and Satellite records looking for just the right track.

        His music style is smooth jazzy house beats, uplifting house, latin beats, and tear jerking vocals. He is also one of the few DJ’s that can fluently spin HipHop, R&B, Classics, Soul, Dancehall, and Disco, as well as House. He plays the kind of music that makes you want to stay. His smooth mixes, blends, and choice of music are a treat to any eardrum, and his vast knowledge of power and depth of music makes him an asset to any sound system and crowd.

He has been Dee Jaying at just about every club and bar in Boston at one point or another, frequently visited NYC, owned one of the largest club promotions companies in the city, and is very well known and respected. He has also played guest appearances in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Mexico, Poland, all up and down the east coast, and the Winter Music Conference in Miami beach. He has just launched a website, and is releasing a “barrage of mixes”, he says, He continues to gain international exposure through deep house radio stations, mixtapes, and networking.

Feeling the crunch of the Boston club scene, he took the plunge and finally moved to the East Village Neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. Following in on his promise to release a barrage of mixes, he has since released over 18 Full Length CD's for local and worldwide consumption. In addition to his own mixes, he saw a hole in the deep house mix genre online and sought to fill this gap with his creation . This website boast impressive daily, new, and returning visitors from some 97 different countries worldwide. He says "I wanted to open up the house scene on the internet and give everyone a chance." His creation seeks to do just that with thousands of quality deep house mixes and an average of 45 new mixes per week.

Since moving to New York, he created a new deep house party called NYC DEEP which has featured some of New York City's best house DJ's.

His plan now is to "unload a massive amount of CD's free to the New York City house scene". While its hard to get anything free in New York, especially CD's, he intends to give them away to promote the music, himself, and He also hints at massive changes to deephousemix including events, videos, and a message forum.