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 Lisbon, Portugal

Member Since: 08 Oct 2009
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Recent mixes by DJ 2ICE
DJ 2ICE - Defiantly/
02 Jul 2017
DJ2ICE - Blissful
30 Apr 2017
DJ2ICE - Sway motion
17 Apr 2017
DJ 2ICE - Concealer
11 Apr 2017
DJ 2ICE - Loose
04 Mar 2017
DJ 2ICE - Restless
28 Feb 2017
DJ 2ICE - Within me
26 Feb 2017



From his earliest days João Brito a.k.a. DJ 2ICE has been digging in crates and listening to records; already building a collection at the tender age of 13, João has never been far from his records and wasn’t surprising anyone when he revealed himself as a talented and innovative DJ. Talent aside, however, it is João’s unrelenting passion and commitment to good music and a partying dancefloor that has powered him forward, taking him straight into the DJ scene since 1995. The deep and vocal house is what I'm all about! The kind of music that was pioneered by a lot of artists. Deep down it's about having fun and getting people moving and smiling on the dancefloor. You'll hear lots of cool basslines and fresh beats and for me you never really know what's going to happen next, so you better be on your toes. I'm always looking out for new and innovative sounds in the tunes I play, in order to keep things fresh!