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The Joint


Jessica Poche is a dynamic and energetic contributor to the cultural vibrancy of niche communities across the country. First in Chicago in the '90s and then in New York City beginning in 2004, she's put on multifaceted events with nightclubs, restaurants, retailers, nonprofits, museums, art galleries, theater companies, and cultural sites.

Her repeated success in event production led her to become a go-to for promoters in South Beach Miami during one of the busiest and most well-known American music conventions, Winter Music Conference. That trust got the attention of Whet Travel and Groove Cruise owner, Jason Beukema. For ten years, Jessica has worked with, and been a travel affiliate for, Beukema's events, further expanding her services for destination travel events.

Coupled with her longstanding participation in the house music scene, her event production and travel destination work has attracted promoters and professionals for a range of conferences and events in the music industry. She was the trusted traveler booker for Movement Festival (Detroit) from 2010 - 2016, and has worked with Mi Casa Holiday (Mexico) for their last 9 seasons.

There’s grit and grind in Jessica’s work ethic, so she brings all this well-rounded experience to yet another venture, Media Services NYC, where she is currently the Operations Manager. The house music-focused media company oversees the promotion of over twenty labels, facilitates connections between traveling music business professionals and its consumers.

Now, she’s tackling the West Coast, moving from New York to San Diego in 2015. Jessica has a knack for identifying potential. Her ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude translates into action---a skill set that blooms promoters, venues, and communities. This year she applies her talents to the 3nd annual West Coast Weekender, a project catering to traveling music lovers and the industry elite.