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 Montreal, Canada

Member Since: 20 May 2012
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I have been playing house since before it was house; worked all the major clubs through the 80's in Montreal then got into production by 1986.

My first release was a re-edit license deal of Ralphie Rosario's "You used to hold me" on BassMint Records. Then I started Bassic Records in 1988 (Yes the original Bassic Records), released a dozen or so EP's until 1993. I started getting back into production as well as DJ'ing last year.

Living in Montreal and being so close to NYC I spent most of the 80's going back-and-forth weekly, and that's really where much of my inspiration has originated.

I have always been a house head and have never stopped loving and deeply enjoying all the good music that fills these spaces, even for the period of time that I was not involved with the scene I diligently downloaded DJ sets from sites such as

I'm hoping to share my sets on a regular basis with all of you.

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