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House Affairs Podcast


Q: How can i submit Dj Guest mix?

A: Its simple just follow this guidelines

Be A Part Of The Show
NM Soul Sessions Podcast is accepting
submissions from other DJs to be featured on the
podcast. Anyone is welcome to submit a non-stop
DJ mix for a chance to be featured on the show.
DJ Mix Submission Requirements:

Your DJ Mix (or Download link) – 320kb quality only
-60 Minutes DJ Set Mixed By You
-Unreleased mixes/not featured on any podcast
-EDM Genre: Deep House
Please submit a 60 minutes non-stop live
recorded DJ Mix

Whats All To Submit With Your Mix:
please include., or other contact info links to promote and
2. Full Tracklist of Submitted Mix
3. Mix Genre / Style Info
4. A Short Bio
5. 150×150 Self Image (For DJ Bio Page)
6. Hometown
7. Gear Used
8. Promo Links – Any links to social media, personal
include in your bio page.
Send email to