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 Johannesburg, South Africa

Member Since: 22 Sep 2011
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Dj Malebza


Full name, Lebohang Seshoka a.k.a Dj Malebza. Born 04 July many years ago and bred in Soweto, the largest township in South Africa. Have been dj'ing for the last 15 years. List of inspiration is endless. My work speaks for itself. Discovered my passion for music way too late unfortunately.

I played at various places around the country, where do I begin?

I also cater for Private Functions as per booking

For bookings contact me on either of these:

+27 62 213 5054
@deejaymalebza (twitter)
Deejay Malebza Seshoka (Facebook)
Deejay Malebza II (Facebook)
@deejaymalebza (Instagram)