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DiscoTone Radio Show
DiscoTone Radio Show - July 7 July 2015
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Dear friends,

Here's the DTRS update related to the show aired in July. As you know, we always take vacation in August, so the next one would be up and running in September.

Check out the track list and the links below, plenty of good music including some brand new ones.

[b]01. Underworld - Winjer / Junior Boy's Own Rec.[/b]

A melanholic groover from the Beaucoup Fish album. Still works just fine.

[b]02. Jori Hulkkonen & Alexi Delano - Elements In Silence / F Communications Rec.[/b]

A deep house classic from the F's finest days. I'm always keeping an eye on both producers. They tend to strike when you expect them the least. Beware!

[b]03. Sylk 130 - When the Funk Hits the Fan (Mood 2 Swing Main Pass) / Ovum Rec.[/b]

It's Ovum!

[b]04. I-Cube - Mingus In My Pocket / Versatile Rec.[/b]

French house scene represented properly.

[b]05. Ricardo Miranda - Soul Late (Ricardo Miranda Soul Real Mix) / Noble Square Rec.[/b]

New stuff from this guy. It's never too late for some serous soulful stuff. Late night tune to satisfy the demanding ones down there.

[b]06. Tony Humphries - Work Is Work (Her Wet Shoes) / Tony Rec.[/b]

Simply can't stop spinning it ever since I got my hands on it. Massive tune; go Tony!

[b]07. Freaks & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix) / Rebirth Rec.[/b]

Freaky and groovy!

[b]08. Quentin Harris ft. Cordell McClary - U Don't Know / Strictly Rhythm Rec.[/b]

Already a classic.

[b]09. Dawn Williams - Appreciate (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) / Honeycomb Rec.[/b]

Latest from the Josh Milan's camp. Keep them coming bro, we like them all!

[b]10. Gianluca Pighi ft. Massimo Paramour & Ahmad Larnes - Ever Stop (Terry Hunter Bang Main Mix) / Makin Moves Rec.[/b]

Terry's touch wraps this vocal sensation just great. Dig it.

[b]11. Chic - Everybody Dance (KON Edit) / Star Time Rec.[/b]

King of Nothing? I don't think so.
12. Dbow - Get Involved (Director's Cut Classic House Mix) / Beatdown Rec.[/b]

RIP Frankie.

[b]13. MoD & Staffan Thorsell - Magic Vibe / Purple Music Tracks[/b]

This is indeed magical. Full groove and jazzy vibe. Latest from the Jamie's camp. The label is showing the range sound they can cover and they do a mighty good job.

[b]14. Souldynamic - Equatoriale / Tribe Rec.[/b]

Soundtrack of the summer.

[b]15. Paris Match ft. Maysa Leak - Family Affair (M-Swift Remix) / Irma Rec.[/b]

Classic revisited.
16. Taylor Dayne - I'll Wait (E-Smoove Anthem Vocal Mix) / Arista Rec.[/b]

More classics in the house.

[b]17. Victor Simonelli & Heather Gothier - Music Feels So Good (Original Arrangement) / VJS Productions[/b]

And more. Heather sang on Gino Soccio's "Dancer". You add Simonelli on top. What could possibly go wrong?

[b]18. Julius Papp - Primitive Future (Redux) / NeoDisco Rec.[/b]

From the upcoming Papp's album. Get ready, plenty of deep house stuff for you there.

[b]19. Tony Loreto ft. Troy Denari - Lady In Red / United Music[/b]

This Loreto guy just won't quit. You take the evergreen tune, fu*ck the rights and conventions and make the new outfit for it and create public euphoria. Sort of Camorra style business from Loreto's own Napoli.

[b]20. Mr. Day - Small Fry (Patchworks Remix) / Favorite Rec.[/b]

Things are about to get better for this guy. :) Cool song.

[b]21. Oliver Dollar & Chuck Daniels - Shout Away / Industry Standard Rec.[/b]

Play this one in the club and set the floor on fire.

[b]22. Redsoul - We're Under Pressure / Playmore Rec.[/b]

Stevie Wonderish style song. Very cool and very funky with breaks that would make you extatic. Impressive indeed.

[b]23. Michael Jackson - Beat It (Scott Wozniak Remix) / CDR[/b]

Scott proves that he can remix anything. The tune starts kind of naive and you may feel reluctant to accept the down pitch of Jackson's voice, but it soon sucks you in and you smile like a swallow in the springtime.

[b]24. Mark Di Meo - A Gentleman's Song FK / Nite Grooves Rec.[/b]

Honoring FK; in a proper way!

[b]25. Marlon D & Mena Keyz - Vibe To This / Underground Collective Rec.[/b]

Carribean sounding groover to add that "other" spice to your set. I simply love this track all the way.

[b]26. DJ Demo Coppola - Paris In Love / Karmic Power Rec.[/b]

Sax in love!

[b]27. Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire / Blue Sky Rec.[/b]

Need no words here.



See you in September. Enjoy the sun!


Stefan Popovic

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