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Funk, Soul, Tech, Deep - New Begining 4 April 2012
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I am restarting a mix series I started about 3 years ago on ( Preservation of this thang we call Deep: It's all about funk, soul, tech. Mixed live by yours truly Dj JohnDaTech for DaTechDaHaus Productions.


1. Ti Fi La Ou (JDT “Hit It Again” live vocal remix) – Ospina & Oscar P.

2. Can You Feel It Again (Steve Bug Remix) – Chez Damier

3. Ode To The Ancients (Original Mix) - Kaspar

4. Switchblade (Original Mix) - Borai

5. Phosphor (JDT “The Underground” live vocal remix) – Norman Nodge, Onmutu Mechanicks

6. I’m Here (Original Mix) – Dirt Crew

7. Alright With Me (Original Mix) – BeeKay Deep

8. Generate Fire (Original Mix) – Nathan G.

9. Lonely Days (JDT “Submission” live vocal remix) – Blond:ish

10. Endless Love (Original Mix) - Elef

11. The Bulk (JDT “Ultra XXX” live vocal erotic mix) – Franklin DeCosta

12. Do You Know Who You Are (JDT “She Freaks” live vocal mix) – Shane Lineham, Fulbert

13. Give Me More (Willie Graff and Tucillo Vocal Mix) – Charles Webster feat. Shana Halligan

14. Catch A Cold (JDT “Dance With Me” live vocal mix) - Moomin

15. Seduced (Phenyo Drumshift’s Interpretation Of A Woman Seduced) – Johnny Dangerous feat. Mona Bode

16. Sweat (Original Mix) – Lee Tristram

17. Only Myself (Rene Breitbarth Remix) – Frank Hellmond

18. After Everything (Original Mix) – James Johnston

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 Jackson Heights, NY, USA


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