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This Deep Is Beautiful - 2011 Remix 11 November 2011
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This is one of my favorite mix that I made and arranged back in 2010 for my Birthday and I posted on I lost the original recording, but I kept the playlist. Enjoy this remastered edition and have a Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American House Headz.

1. You Play (JohnDaTech “Smile” Vocal Live Mix) - Brioski

2. Exhale (Johndatech “Vibrations” Vocal Live Mix feat Nica Brooke) - Rey Aguilar

3. Sistaaa (Original Mix) - Le Loup

4. Deep Cover (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - Dirt Crew

5. Love Ritual (Westpark Unit Dub 1.0 vs Johndatech “In & Out My Life” Vocal Live Mix) - The Offsetters

6. Evangelium Des Tiefen – (Johndatech “This is House” Live Vocal Mix) - 7.b

7. Counter Clock 319 (Johndatech “Time To Be Free” Vocal Live Mix) - Josh Wink

8. In Luv In A Luv Song (Nick Holder Remix) - Ell Veda

9. Secrets (Johndatech Remix) - Monsters At Work

10. Sunset On The Vineyard (Johndatech “Freerider” Vocal Mix) - Cosmic Cowboys

11. That Night (Johndatech “We Built This House” Vocal Live Mix) - Utku Dalmaz

12. Congo Deep – (Detroit Dub Vs. Johndatech “Paradise” Vocal Mix) - Mateo Mato

13. Papa (JohnDaTech “Unspoken” Vocal Live Mix) - Dagui Rodann, Timoth'ee Milton

14. La Revolucion (Original Mix) - Dzeta N Basile

15. Have A Party (Bootleg Mix) - Manolo Vasquez

16. Je Suis Differente feat. Barbara Alcindor (Nick Holder Remix) - Two Armadillos

17. Ten Years (Jazzloungerz Vs. Johndatech “Luv” Vocal Live Mix) - DJ Bee

18. Solaris (Johndatech “Your Club Went Hollywood” Vocal Live Mix) - Geddes, Mic Newman

19. Nasty (Nasty Deep House Remix) - Jesse Saunders

20. The Jazz (Nubian Perkushun Mix) - Bakndidae

21. Good Life (Spiritual Blessings Main Mix) - Roy Davis Jr.

22. Strings (Johndatech “Joy” Vocal Live Mix) - Davidson Ospina

23. Love Is Beautiful (Francois Dubois Mix) - The Timewriter

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